StarKid - Pindemonium Presale Package (Packs 2, 3, and 4)

  • $89.99

It’s gonna be PINdemonium in 2019 to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of StarKid! Every month, we’ll be releasing a collection of limited edition pins to deck out your backpacks, jean jackets, and fanny packs.

The StarKid Pindemonium Pack 1 features your favorite Starship Rangers including Bug, Taz, and Commander Up from “Starship." Get the complete set to get unlock the Kick It Up A Notch bonus pin!

This package was introduced as a way for international customers to save on shipping by aggregating multiple packs into one. This pack commits you to blindly purchasing packs 3 and 4 along with pack 2, and refunds for just one of the three packs will not be valid. Additionally, this multi pack won't ship until Pack 4 ships, which is expected to be around 5/20/2018.