Detective Bullshit Game

  • $25.00

Detective Bullshit is a game for 3-5 players that you win by making shit up.

Think: Clue meets Cards Against Humanity. It's a competitive storytelling game centered around a fictional criminal case. Unlike Clue, there's no right answer, but like Cards Against Humanity, the fun is in getting your friends to pick your ridiculous story.

For each case, one player is Chief Bullshit and other players are detectives.

The Chief draws a victim card and decides the location of the crime. It's then up to the other detectives to play suspect cards from their hands and convince the Chief that their suspect is guilty. But things get complicated in the 3 rounds of each case as additional evidence, complications, and bribery keep even the best bullshitters on their toes.

The base game includes: 100 Person of Interest cards, 100 Evidence cards, 1 twelve sided Due Process Die, Bullshit Tokens, and game instructions.

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