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#SQUADGOALS, is the free print-and-play game where you try to build the Ultimate Squad.

(Have you played Pit? This is basically Pit, but instead of sacks of barley, you have the Kardashians)

Of course, there are many types of squads in the world, from the elite Kardashians and Taylor Swift-adjacent, to the more abstract concept of the world’s best literary heroines (who, to be honest, would rival Taylor’s crew any day). Build the most squads, earn the most points, and rule the social world (for now). This print-and-play game comes with the following squads: Taylor Swift Squad, Kardashian Squad, Literati Squad, Science Squad, Ballers Squad, Young Money Squad, and YouTube Squad.

Get your very own print-and-play copy of #SQUADGOALS for free! Just download, print, cut, and play!