StarKid's Apocalyptour on DVD

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Those out-of-world screwballs, The StarKids, are back! But this time, they're in Los Angeles, California with enough archeological equipment to make Indiana Jones blush! After defeating the Man With The Wide Brimmed Hat at the end of the SPACE Tour (also available on DVD), the StarKids decided to give up singing and dancing for the betterment of all mankind. But the ensuing world peace won't last for long! While pursuing their new hobby of excavating ancient Mayan ruins, the StarKids awaken Ma'au Guurit, The Mayan God of Chaos and Death! Each of the StarKids will have to put down their tiny brushes and shovels and pick up a microphone if they want to stop Ma'au Guurit from destroying the world in an Ancient Mayan Apocalypse! If all new arrangements of classic StarKid hits can't save the world, who knows what can!?!?

Been wondering when you'll see StarKid live again? Don't wait! Get your StarKid fix with the APOCALYPTOUR: Live in Los Angeles DVD!

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